Friday, February 8, 2013

A Marine homecoming and nail polish.

My little brother( a Marine ) came home from Afghanistan after 7 months today! We missed him and are so happy he came home safely.

My mom hugging the life from my brother(James)

My Best friend Ashley ( she is pretty much our sister )
and James

James carried his friend Randy a whole block to the car. lol
James is 6 1 and Randy is right there with him lol

Just a funny picture of Ashley .

My mom, Ashley and I went to the mall while we were waiting for him to get home and we got stuff!! 

Polish, 6 of them, from 3 stores.

First store was Hottopic, I love the polish bottles there!
They were also buy one get one 50% off.

Atomic Blush 

Major Ranger 

The next store was Victoria's Secret 
They were 2 for $15 ( the most expensive polish I now have )

Break The Rules 


Drama Queen

And finally the last store was Urban Outfitters 
The polish was 2 for $8 and the bottler are short squares, I love them.

Rodeo Sweetheart


My pictures do not do any of the justice! 

This is Rodeo Sweet heart and Drama Queen 

Thanks for reading!

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