Sunday, November 11, 2012

....And then there was polish giveaway!

Its an amazing one too!


Monday, November 5, 2012

The big day!

Tomorrow at 9am I'm going to run/walk. I am excited and at the same time I don't want to do it lol.  I have my playlist all ready and my shoes, lol now I need to figure out if I should eat before I go out and what i should eat. 

If anybody has advice I am more then happy to listen!



Lace and Lacquers: Lacey's 4-1-1 on Yoga Hair Ties

I need me some of these.. lol


Sunday, November 4, 2012

Run fatty, run!

I am fat..... lol So I'm going to start running! I made my playlist just now and doing that has motivated me to run. Now I know this is mainly a nail blog but I feel like if I'm posting my progress and the like I will do this the way I need to.

 So if anybody is thinking about running let me know and we can give each other some encouraging words, I know its getting cold but I am so ready to do this! I have been thinking about it for months and I want to be hardcore sexy! lol 

So I want to lose 45lbs just to see how I look and feel, I know it will take a while and I need to drink WAY less Coke.... I'm addicted to that shit! ( lol sorry) Drink WAY more water and just do stuff and not sit on my ass all freaking day!

My playlist is made up of a bunch of different artist that I love. So here are a few I put on it that I feel have amazing workout songs.

Skrillex  : Kill everybody , First of the year and Bangarang 

Queen: Fat bottom girls, Dont stop me now and Killer queen

3OH!3 : I can do anything, I know how to say, Starstrukk  and I'm not comming to your party

Incubus: Lets go crazy (Prince cover), Blood on the ground and Naked

Karmin: Crash your party, Brokenhearted and Super bass cover ( its a clean version that's awesome, I even let my 7 year old listen to it!)

And so much more lol I will have a good time listing to it all.
I don't think I will start tomorrow but the next day for sure, and if I don't I will be kicking my own ass.

Have a great night everybody!


Saturday, November 3, 2012

Forever pink

I did my fingers so they would match my toes!

I love the way my toes look and I wanted my fingers to look the same.

So i started with Sinfulcolors Forever pink.

Then I added claire's glitter topcot.

And some stones! Now I match! lol