Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Listia nail mail!

I am a part of a site called Listia, you get great things for free! Well credits really, you can earn them by posting things or buying them (why would you?). So I got an Ulta gift set!

It came with 6 manicure sticks, a Ms. Manicure mini set and a great Ulta polish ( Jaded )


Sheer apple blossom shower gel and lotion. The seller even added a sweet little gift of Breast cancer awareness ribbons and a Hello Kitty charm. 

Sign up for Listia! Its lots of fun!


Sunday, October 7, 2012

NailAween day 4 Mummy

Not loving them but it works.

Check out the other bloggers post!
datyorkLOVES NailAween challenge!


Saturday, October 6, 2012

My haul from last night!

So I have not been shopping for nail things in a few weeks.
 I made myself go on a no buy spree, and I ended it yesterday.
So I got 2 scrapbook punches, letter stamps, a glitter polish, acetone, cotton rounds, nail files and a paint pallet.

I'm really hoping the plastic pallet does not melt when I put a bit of acetone to it.
It came from Walmart, as did the hole punches and the stamps.

I don't know if the stamps will work for what I want them for 
but I'm gonna give it a try, for 97 cents you cant really go wrong.
My daughter will like them if I don't want to use them. 

I am super excited about the punches, I have already used the skull, its super cute.
The castle is more for my 7 year old, shes a princess, just like all the 2 to 12 year old girls in the world lol.

They are just so cute.

And now the polish, its Color craze from Dollar General 
called Dizzy. I did not have any gold glitter polish so I thought I should buy some.
Its really pretty in the bottle so I hope its pretty on the nail.

Thanks for reading! 


Thursday, October 4, 2012

Water marble tutorial from Polished Prisses

This is an amazing tutorial, I hate water marbling... With a passion lol I will have to try it this way tho, it might work for me!
Thank you Polished Prisses for the great tutorial.  


Wednesday, October 3, 2012

NailAween day 3: Blood!

All that glitters is not gold.
Revlon Copper coin and an unnamed red

I know is pretty much like every other blood nail but I like to think
the gold gives it a different kind of feel. Its like a high class lady had to kill her cheating man or something! lol Im not sure tho...

datyorkLOVES NailAween challenge! 


Tuesday, October 2, 2012

NailAween day 1 and 2

Day 1
water marble
Day 2 
Matte doticure 

water marble.......... I hate it, I hate doing it.. lol

matte doticure..... lol I hope thats what this is .

datyorkLOVES NailAween challenge!


NailAween nail art challenge!

datyorkLOVES NailAween nail art challenge!